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About Orange Pop

Orange Pop launches on June 17, 2015 (under the name POPOUT). It’s Orange’s pop culture magazine, and it intends to bridge the gap between entertainment and in-depth reporting. We will be bringing the news alive for you, giving you unique insight, in an up-to-the-minute format, into the issues shaping and shaking the world today. Discover initiatives, people, and events from a fresh point of view. We’ll be focusing most closely on Europe and Africa, full of stories that deserve more of the media spotlight.

Our vision is always positive, upbeat, and on the go. We bring you dynamic, original stories, keeping you informed AND sparking a grin. Our minds are hopping with energy and we’ll be percolating the themes that affect you personally: innovations, social change, the global economy, marketing, culture, sports, and entertainment. Our DNA is 100% digital; web culture flows in our veins, and we are naturally attuned to the global vibe.

Every week, a current theme is broken down into ten bite-sized chunks we call “items”:

  • A cover visual illustrating the theme (strong enough to sum up the article, for those who are just skimming)
  • An editorial outlining the background, explaining our choice
  • A quote that sets the tone
  • An interview to get the eye of the tiger on each subject
  • An infographic because data is big
  • And, depending on the week, we will add a playlist, the portrait of a shadow figure, a killer question, an enriched map, a Top 5 – we’ve invented a variety of fun formats. They all relate to the theme, but they can be browsed and shared independently (like extra-witty finger food)
  • And and and… our stories! We bring you the latest information about the subject we deal with through 5 breaking news we publish during the week.

Orange Pop is intrinsically social. It’s an ongoing online gabfest where you can connect with us and other Orange Pop readers, and get more background on the stories that impacted you. Link to sites with additional info. Get breaking news on the week’s feature. Read a nightly wrapup of the day’s events.

Our Facebook page is where we hang out with our readers. Like it, check it out, keep on top of each edition. Give us your feedback. We’re eager to hear what you think.

On Twitter, we’ll be sharing our links to all the news items related to the subject of our weekly edition. But sure, feel free to send a tweet 😉

Interact daily, in real time with Orange Pop live on social networks. Every day, get an update on the day’s news. And every Wednesday, the whole Orange Pop team brings you a full weekly magazine on the world’s latest cultural events.

If that isn’t love, it sure looks like it! #heartwithbothhands <3


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